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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pentagon Reviews Probe of Tillman Death

And why not, I say?  Let's get that Casey kid out of the news, and put someone FAMOUS in! 
And, as we don't have any rich man's son killed in this war, let's go for the famous ones!

Which he was -- Tillman was most definitely famous; which is close to (but of course not quite) as important as being RICH.
In any event, as such he deserves much more airtime than some poor, middle-class, anonymous kid!
As for Casey Sheehan's case, hell, we don't owe his mother any kind of answer whatsoever!  Who the hell does she think she IS anyways?  Rich??!
Hell no!  So let's continue to trash her every chance we can!
After all ... her 'exploiting' him (as we Reprofitcan's claim) for Michael Moore's Left-wing agenda is Bad.
Us exploiting Tillman for our Blessed, God-Approved Right Wing propaganda, Reprofitcan Talking Points;   no that's not it, Righteous Moral Outrage  (yeah that's the ticket!)

is perfectly fine -- in fact it's an absolute Good!!   

No matter that he was a truly good, decent and caring human being and that he would have hated this kind of special attention!  In fact, as mentioned and will be mentioned again, his renown works even more in for our side! 

Did I mention he was FAMOUS? 

We say how humiliating and embarassing it must be for poor dead Casey to somehow witness the shame of his mother daring to want answers as to why, for what "good reasons" he died; but we sure as hell don't care about how poor dead Casey must feel, watching from his grave, about all our pundits trashing his beloved, grieving mother 24 hours a day/7 days a week; calling her everything from a Hag to a Whore!
...and we'll do it for years if we have to!!! 
...If you let us get away with it...

I'm sure Casey is much more behind us than he is supporting his selfish, attention-grabbing mother!
That's our story, and they're actually reporting all that!
Glory to God!  Glory to OUR own personal *RIGHTeous* God!  YEE-HAW!

Ain't America great???  Ain't American  media GREAT?
Oops!  I mean ain't American LIEberal media BAD?
(Whew -- I gotta stop doing that!)


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