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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Proud Reprofitcan answers some (more) bulletin board posts

<<< A--- wrote: 

   Do you actually believe the war in Iraq is going to promote freedom worldwide? With the enemies this war in Iraq has caused making us the most hated nation on earth and you are looking for worldwide freedom. It will take many years for this country to be respected again as it was when Clinton was president or for that matter any of the last forty two presidents
PR's response:

Yes, but Clintoon got a blow job! 
That certainly trumps constant, pathological lying, rampant cronyism, warmongering and unabashed unlimited profiteering ANY day of the Kompassionate Konservative Khristian (*TradeMark Pending*) week!

Have you no morals?  Have you no Reprofitcan Ethics?  (*TradeMark Pending*)'re obviously one of the poor (Ugh!) so I'm going to stop condescending to talk to you.  You ought to learn your place, go fight our Righteous Preemptive Profiteering *TM Pending* Wars instituted by God's Chosen One Himself, George W Bush (Glory!) and learn not to talk back to (in fact not speak at all until you're spoken at) your betters!


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