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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Proud Reprofitcan answers some bulliten board posts

<<< L-- wrote: 
G.W. Bush did not get us into Iraq, how easy everyone forgets.  Clinton was bombing Iraq long before G.W. got into office. 
That's right!  You tell those LIEberals an incomplete story -- you're so good at it, make it two!

Hey -- what they don't know won't hurt us

...and *applause* to you too for 'forgetting' to mention that the predecessor to Clintoon was the father of God's Chosen One, His Most Royal Highness (in more ways than one!*wink wink*) King George W. Bush:  George the First and Forty-First, aka George Herbert Walker Bush. 
How clever of you, unintentionally I'm sure *nudge nudge*, to exclude a president
--more importantly another Bush-- 
who invaded Iraq long before the oval-office Clintoon was a nasty pearly gleam in Monica Lewinsky's little eye ...and stain on her not-so-little blue dress!

Yet not even George the First, with his impeccable inbred Reprofitcan, war-profiteering breeding (oh, synonyms, sorry) and his Holding of the Office of the RIGHTeous and God-Fearing Glorious Christian-Nation CIA;
even with his daring invasion of Iraq,
was audacious enough or had big enough cahones to preemptively invade that sovereign country!
NO... George the Elder even was so pusillanimous and lily-livered as to go through the Irrelevant U.N.!!!

SURELY HRH George W Bush, George the Second (but the Greatest!) is not that weak, wimpy mortal's son but Truly the Sacred Offspring of the Holy Spirit! 



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