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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Proud Reprofitcan answers yet more Bulletin/Message board posts

<<< H--- (tubbi) wrote:
<<< B--- wrote:
First he can't spell, second can't make decitions and third can't think straight.
I guess cocaine really has true long lasting effects.>>>

(Tubbi, in response):
<<<< You obviously can't spell either. Calling Bush names and showing
disrespect to our President doesn't stop the war. No one likes
being in this war-but we stand behind our President because
he is doing what it takes to promote freedom worldwide. Don't
you like the freedom to speak your mind?>>>
ProudReprofitcan writes:
Way to go tubbi!
One obvious touch-type style typo and you slammed that darn LIEberal poster on spelling! You GO BOI!
You keep that up, you'll get an honorable mention in the glorious rolls of Reprofitcan Obfuscation *TradeMark Pending*

I'm also impressed you got to work in that primo talking point word: Freedom! Twice in four sentences!

Even better, you deftly worked in *worldwide freedom*, all the while sidestepping the issues regarding the massive problems, in every area; economic, social, corporate, energy, the Poor (Ugh! You made me say that four-letter word! You owe me an insider-trading stock tip! --and don't worry, I'm a red, no GREEN-blooded American Alpha Male, so there's no chance of you or I going to prison like that Stewart woman... imagine, a glorified housewife who thinks she can run with the big boys! Damn uppity women should keep their place -- the KITCHEN, AND their mouths shut! *Harumph*)
Oops sorry lost my place with that righteous, entitled bombast! Let's see: *ahem*
...while sidestepping the massive problems that are ripping this country apart!

AND for dessert closed with a little good old-fashioned half-accusatory/half-whine guilt trip 'don't you like freedom?' My Conservative Christian (what else? :) mother (bless her second-class little womanly heart!) would be proud!
You ARE a pro! I tip my Reprofitcan crown to you! *applause*
See you at the club!


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