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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Support Our Great President! Support the Reprofitcan Party!

But support the Troops?! You sad, silly, Poor People! You can't have it both ways!

The 2nd week after the start of The Glorious Crusade-ful Holy Iraq War Part Doo (*TM Pending) Our Great Leader and Reprofitcan Congress cut Veteran Benefits (Why? Because we, the rich, needed yet more tax breaks! Duh!) all the while exhorting you Poor People to Support Our Troops!
Who says GW's not clever? :)
--Just more strong, moral, ethical leadership by The Best President Ever (*TM Pending*). Glory!

That hag Sheehan just cannot comprehend that when other priorities arise --such as Profit$!-- we need your otherwise useless, poor children to immolate themselves on the honorable, sanctified battlefield for our glory and to increase our accumulation of wealth!
For their sacrifice, these soldiers will be remembered, but preferably not by name -- Our Magnanimous Leader doesn't like that LIEberal upstart Ted Koppel unfrequently reading their names out on TV those late Friday nights when nobody's watching. How is nationally recognizing their individual ultimate sacrifice supporting them, I ask you?? Just more hysteric, Left-wing Democrap propaganda!
Mein Leader won't even let pictures of their coffins be taken, just in case someone might actually think there are (former) young American citizens inside! "World Bank" Wolfowitz tried to tell King George it could be spun rather like Schroedinger's Box -- only not if the denizen is alive or dead, but if there's anyone in there at all! The Best Man In the World couldn't quite understand what Wolfie was getting at... but that's to be expected as He delegated all his thinking, critical or otherwise, to Rove (and Karl certainly knows better than to even try to explain any "science" or "philosophy" to Marvelous George if it's not in the Old Testament!)
Still, for their sacrifice, these soldiers will be remembered, somehow. We'll get around to that one of these days, just as soon as we completely win the War on Terra AND the War on Drugs...
We WILL remember...
Um... what was I saying??
This Sheehan traitor should be pondering, as she putters around her kitchen, on how grateful she should be that her son died for so many good reasons!
Why, Wolfowitz (ibid) alone gave THREE!
What matter if these reasons aren't grounded in any type of REALITY?!
If Our Great President merely pronounces the words, that automatically makes it so!
You Poor People are also Poor in Faith towards the omnipotence and divinity of our Most Holy Commander-In-Chief! Really, it's so obvious why you are all going to Hell! ...but then, and I hate to be blunt darlings, but you're destined to anyhow so TRY not to worry!
Imagine, Poor People allowed into OUR Heaven!!
If GOD-His-Omnipotent-Self hand-picked George W Bush to lead this Konservative Khristian Kountry --aka KKK-- (*TM Pending*) who are you NOT to believe? That's why you heretics are permanently doomed to exist in that well-deserved poverty where you so aptly belong!

To close on a warmer, fuzzier note -- unless you feel we, your wealthy betters (Department of Redundancy Department!) are not living up to our self-appelation of Compassionate Conservatives, and if you're still upset about Poor Casey Sheehan, here's a nice, Buddhist, comforting thought for you:
Even cannons need fodder! don't want to starve our war machines, do you???


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